I’m Back, Bitch!

Hello! This is my first post in almost a full year. That’s for many reasons, but to sum them up: Amelia, and also becoming a very different person. Baby took it out of me for the first half of the year. She’s high-need like the other two, of course. Then I went through a lot of crazy transitions in the second half of the year, and while I am still the same person of course, I have changed so much that I actually took down this website for a little while because it no longer fit me. Now I’ve made changes to it to reflect my new self, and I am happy to bring it back to life. 🙂

All of my old posts are still on here, but they won’t be on the home page anymore. They can be found by clicking on Posts From The Before in the top menu. They can also still be found in the blog post category pages, or in the archives section, both in the sidebar.

From here on out, my new posts will be popping up here on the home page and you can read them at your leisure. I also have a new subscribe button coming soon, so you can receive an email any time I make a new post.

Thanks for visiting, and welcome to the new I Do… Now What?