Hello there!

Welcome to my digital space. This is where I write about everything and anything that’s on my mind. I’ve used this space for over a decade now to share a glimpse into my life and my thoughts, with anyone who’s interested in such things.

I plan to continue to use this blog to share things like: my thoughts on books I’ve read recently; what I’ve been up to lately; recipes I’ve enjoyed; my philosophical musings on God and life in general; my ideas about marriage and parenting and homemaking; and quite likely, much more.

My name is Heather, by the way. It’s nice to have you here, friend. ūüôā

When I started this blog in 2011, I was a totally different person than I am now. At least, on the outside I was. I believe I am still me, always have been, and always will be. But who I am also evolves, and so here’s a little bit about where I began, and where I am now.

Ten years ago, I was a 19-year-old young woman about to marry my now-ex-husband, Cory. I was an Evangelical Christian and actively living the “Christian” life. I was very excited about what lay ahead, stepping into marriage and starting a family, which is why I created this blog to share that journey with others.

Today, I’m 29 years old and I call myself a Jesus-person. I’m a deconstructionist and a progressive Christian, which means I am in the process of rethinking my approach to religion and God. I’m finding a new way that feels more loving than what I was taught. Because one thing I believe most firmly is that God is love, and what I’ve seen of the Christian church has fallen far, far, far from that mark. I want to be a better reflection of God, and therefore¬†love, in the world. I love Jesus and my relationship with God is still very important to me–even while I am in the middle of rediscovering it.

Cory and I are no longer married, but we still care for and support each other. We are a great co-parenting team to our three beautiful children: Cody, Abigail, and Amelia.

I am engaged to my partner, RJ, and I have the privilege of being a co-parent to his daughter, Penelope. We are expecting a baby in June of 2023, who we’ve named Finley. That’s five kids altogether! We lovingly call it our Chaos Family.¬†

There are a few more things about me which I consider important. Well, quite a few actually, but this is an About page, not a biography. So here are the highlights:

I am am empath and an introvert.

I am an animal lover. I currently have three dogs named Dezi, Pepper, and Nugget; six cats named Scout, Remi, Peanut, Milo, Dusty, and Stormy; and two cockatiels named Pikachu and Eve. In addition, I still have in my life Cory’s (and previously my) pets: his dog Buddy and his cat Leo.¬†

I love horses, and when I’m not pregnant I enjoy going on trail rides and spending time with them.¬†

I adore Taylor Swift.

I am sex-positive, pansexual, and polyamorous by orientation, but monogamous by choice. 

That’s me in a nutshell!¬†