A Cruise, a Baby Bump, and Kicks from Cody

Hey readers, it’s time for an update!

Over the past 6 weeks, I’ve been feeling much better and starting to enjoy my pregnancy more. Starting around 16 weeks pregnant, I began to feel Cody moving around in my belly, an experience known as “quickening.” Though at the time I wasn’t confident about what exactly I was feeling, I’m now familiar enough with the sensation to know that it’s Cody practicing his wiggles, somersaults, kicks, punches, and stretches!

Then, last week, Cory and I went on our babymoon vacation, a 5-day cruise in the Caribbean. My appetite had returned with enthusiasm by that point, so I was able to enjoy the plentiful food available on the ship. As a result, I gained about 4 pounds (which is a lot for me, for just one week!) and filled out a bit more. Although some women dislike the idea of gaining weight during pregnancy, I’ve always been criticized for being too thin, so gaining weight is actually something I celebrate. Even though I know my natural build is perfectly healthy for me, it’s nice to be able to prove that I can gain weight just like anybody else, when I’m growing a baby.

Now that I’m looking more and more pregnant every day, things are feeling even more exciting! It’s such a crazy experience to look in the mirror and see my shape changing so dramatically. Goodbye waistline, hello baby bump! Cory’s equally amazed to see my belly growing, the proof that his son really is in there. Not only that, but last week Cory and I experienced perhaps one of the most thrilling parts of pregnancy so far—feeling Cody kick from the outside! I was resting my hand on my belly after feeling the baby wriggling around in there, and suddenly felt an unmistakable nudge against my hand. It took my breath away, and still does every time I feel it! Cory has been able to feel a few nudges, too. Right now, it’s harder for him because he can’t feel Cody moving like I can and know when to put his hand on my belly, plus his hand is warmer than mine and it seems to put Cody to sleep whenever he holds his hand there. Soon, though, little Cody’s kicks and punches will be stronger and I know that his dad will be able to feel them more easily.

In other news, I’m now two days away from reaching 20 weeks pregnant, which is the halfway mark! The first half of my pregnancy has seemed to pass quickly, yet so very slowly at the same time. Honestly, looking back I’m sure I’ll feel that pregnancy flew by, but in the middle of it, it feels like a lot of waiting. What a process making a person is! At the same time, it’s mind-boggling that God can create a whole human life from two single cells, in just 9 months. A miracle, indeed!

My main job right now is, of course, growing Cody. Since that doesn’t take a whole lot of conscious thought, however, I’ve found myself left with a lot of free time. I’m spending this time enjoying it while I can, since I know that once the baby’s born, it will be a rare commodity. I’m also trying to keep busy and productive by doing more things outside of the house. I’ve gotten involved serving in my church’s nursery, started doing a weekly book club with some of my Godly women mentors, and began taking karate lessons with Cory twice a week. It feels good to have things going on in my life to keep me motivated. It’s also nice to still have a lot of time to just relax, read, write, and enjoy the quiet spring/summer days at home while I can. Life is good!

Lastly, I’ve attached some photos from our babymoon cruise below. After taking a red-eye flight and grabbing a few hours of sleep at a hotel, we boarded the cruise ship in Miami, Florida, and spent the rest of that day and the next at sea, on our way to the first destination. We sailed to Grand Turk, in the Turks and Caicos Islands, where we enjoyed the beach, fed stray dogs, and went on a semi-sub tour of the coral reefs. Next we visited Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas, a private island owned by the cruise line. There we enjoyed relaxing on the picturesque beach and floating in the crystal clear water. Then we sailed to Nassau, in the Bahamas, and took an excursion to a private beach in order to avoid the craziness of the urban tourist-y areas. Finally, we sailed back to Miami, where we went on an airboat tour of the everglades and spotted a few alligators. Overall, we had a very relaxing and mellow trip, which is just what we wanted. It was truly a blessing from God, and we have memories we’ll always treasure.

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