In January 2016, Cory and I started praying and believing for a remote job for him. Cory wanted so badly to be able to work from home, and I wanted it too. On the few days when he was allowed to work remotely at the job he had then, it was like night and day. Even though he still spent eight hours working, away from me and the kids in the office, he was able to pop down for five minutes here and there, and have lunch with us. Just knowing he was there and I could get a quick breather if I needed it gave me the mental sense of peace that helped me feel so much more content during the day.

We spent over three years praying, hoping, and working towards this goal. Cory applied to hundreds of jobs, and had dozens of interviews. Several times he came extremely close to landing a job. But every time, there was at least one big problem that got in the way. Either the salary was way too low, or they offered almost no vacation time, or they required travel, or they simply decided to go a different way.

In February of this year, Cory finally received a verbal job offer after a thorough interview process. It was a fantastic job, and we were so excited. But a few days later, the company rescinded the offer. They had decided not to hire for a remote position after all.

We were upset, but it was just another drop in the bucket at that point. We’d been waiting for so long that we were past expectant, past frustrated, past tired, past thinking about giving up. We weren’t giving up, but we also weren’t sure that it was God’s will for Cory to have a remote job. We were in a place of surrender to God’s will, whatever it was, and for lack of a clear direction from Him that we should stop trying, Cory was still continuing to apply for jobs. It was almost like a thing he just did, without necessarily expecting anything to come from it.

But finally, last month, it happened. Our three year wait is OVER and Cory received a job offer which he accepted, and is now working from home!

It’s been only a week at his new job, but our lives are so different. We have about an extra hour of time each day, which combined with Cory starting his day a lot earlier, means he gets off of work much earlier every day now. We have so much time to spend as a family now, and it’s truly wonderful! We eat lunch together every day, and I get a small break in the middle of the day to meditate and write in my prayer journal, which refreshes me beyond belief.

The pay raise he received is already helping our financial situation, and getting us closer to paying off our debts. And being remote means that we are now free to live anywhere that we want—and we are super excited about the next big adventure we’re planning, moving to Tennessee in 2020!

God has taught us so much through this waiting period. We have a history of receiving things from God very quickly, so this lesson in patience was one we needed. We learned to not only trust him and believe him for things, but also submit to his will and learn contentment.

We are so thankful for God’s great blessings in our lives. It never ceases to amaze me when I think about how lucky I am, and how much God has done for me. God is good!


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