My Other Writing

Writing fiction is a hobby of mine, and here is where I will share all of the fictional short stories, novellas, and novels I write. Some content will be downloadable for free, and others will be available for purchase. Enjoy! Thank you for your support!

Short Stories


Allana is just an average mermaid. Sheltered, lonely, and uninspired, she goes through life each day with little to look forward to. But when her city faces a mysterious threat, she might just find the opportunity to leave it all behind. You can download it by clicking here.


Weeks after escaping a mysterious attack on her city, Allana finds herself wandering the unknown sea with a merman she barely knows. Adare is young, attractive, and intelligent, and Allana finds herself drawn to him more and more each day. But she left more than her home behind when she abandoned the underwater Pearl City. Her arranged and loveless marriage is one shackle that she cannot seem to shake, and she can’t help but wonder if she will ever swim far enough away to find the freedom of real love.

Follow Allana’s journey in Sink, the short story sequel to Swim.Coming soon.


The Healer is a Christian fiction short story that will be the first in a series of short stories called “The Names of God.”

It is the story of a young woman named Jessie who is locked in a private world of grief after experiencing a personal tragedy. She is at the end of her rope and about to give up when she meets a man who changes her life forever. This is a story about how God heals us even when we feel broken beyond repair, and how God gives us a hope in life like no other.

You can purchase the e-book on for $0.99! Click here to purchase!

“The Story” is one of the first short stories I wrote, as a creative writing exercise for a class I took in college. It’s a quick read, meant to be light and silly. Click here to download it!

“Huge” is a one-page humor article I wrote for Yahoo! Voices, back before they shut down. Enjoy it here!



“Eliza” is a novel that I worked on for many years–and almost finished!–but never quite had enough time to focus on. It’s nearly 200 pages, but it is definitely unfinished. However, if you would like to read it anyway to get a taste of my writing and to enjoy the story, please do so! You can download it here.

This book is a science fiction story, based in a fantasy universe. Here is a synopsis of the novel:

Mila is just an ordinary Kat, living in the peaceful city of Shaku with her family, friends, and Goddess by her side. When the planet of Roq is suddenly visited by strange and mysterious beings who attack her peaceful world without provocation, Mila’s life is flipped upside down. She must adapt quickly if she wants to survive. Eliza has been her best friend, and Goddess, for as long as Mila can remember, but there is no place for her in this new world. Now, she must learn to live without her for the first time in her life.