Week 20 with Cody

Last Thursday, Cody turned 20 weeks old! At this point, I’m going to start posting updates monthly, starting with his five month post *sniffle* next week.

The beginning of this week was terrible, probably the hardest week I’ve had with him yet. He fussed constantly, would not let me put him down for even a moment, nursed fussily, and slept badly. I have no idea what was going on with him, but thankfully, it passed, and the rest of the week was pretty good. In fact, last Tuesday was pretty much a perfect day—he was in a good mood, napped really well, and even let me put him down and get some stuff done. Since then, things have been pretty average. He’s still what I would consider a particularly high-need baby. He tends to be fussy a lot of the time and needs to be held and walked around most of the time.

His naps have been getting much more predictable, though, which is really nice. He generally wakes up around 6:30 AM, then naps at 8 for an hour, at noon for an hour, and at 2:30 for two hours, then he goes to bed at 8 PM. Obviously, his schedule deviates a lot from that on a regular basis, but that’s the general idea. Nights have been a bit rough lately, though, as he’s been waking up about six times per night and sometimes won’t fall back asleep even after nursing. I’ve had to rely on the swing to put him back to sleep, which I prefer not to do at night, since I feel better with him sleeping in bed with us. The past few nights (which aren’t really part of week 20, but oh well) I’ve been experimenting with other ways to get him back to sleep, such as getting out of bed and rocking him, patting and shushing him, and turning on white noise. It seems to be helping.

Cody is getting so much more dexterous with his hands now. He loves to grab things and put them in his mouth, and he often holds his hands out in front of his face to stare at them. He’s also discovering his tongue and how to suck on it, his lips, and his fingers, rather than just gnawing. He pushed up on his arms mini-push-up-style for the first time, and kicks his legs a lot when he’s on his belly, which are some early signs of getting ready to crawl. It could still be a while, but he’s getting there! He can sit up in our laps, mostly unsupported, but he’s not quite ready to sit on his own yet.

We’ve started using sign language with him more consistently. We sign “milk,” “finished,” “mommy,” and “daddy.” Sometimes, it seems that he’s beginning to understand. For example, when I’m getting ready to feed him, I sign “milk” and he will turn and latch on right away, and when he lets go I sign “finished?” and he either smiles and wriggles around trying to sit up or he latches back on. It’s going to be fun to see how much we can communicate to each other before he even knows how to speak!

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