Hello readers!

There’s going to be some changes on “I Do… Now What?” that I want to tell you all about.

As part of my plan to move into blogging professionally, I’m re-envisioning this space as a more targeted, practical source of ideas and inspiration for marriage, parenting, homemaking, and life with God. My posts are going to be more concise, frequent, and applicable. I’ll also be promoting some non-fiction ebooks that I’m planning to write. I’m excited to hopefully reach more people with these changes!

As for my personal journey and sharing my life online, I’m moving everything over to my new personal blog, HeatherWestropp.com. I invite you all to visit and subscribe for updates over there, if you’d like! That way, you can continue to read updates about what’s going on with me, Cory, and Cody. =] And that is also where you will find any fiction I have written, or will write in the future, as well as reviews for fiction books I’ve read.

I also have a third blog called Mindful Birthing, focused on pregnancy, birth, and early parenting, which I’m using to promote my new business as a Hypnobabies birth educator. If you’d like to follow that blog, you can visit and subscribe for updates at YourMindfulBirth.com.

Lastly, I’m planning to be active on social media and I’d love to connect with you.

You can like my Facebook fan page for “I Do… Now What?” here, and follow “I Do… Now What?” on Instagram here.

My personal Facebook page is here, and Instagram is here.

You can follow my Mindful Birthing Facebook page here.


I know this is a lot of information, so thanks for bearing with me. I so appreciate all of your support as I jump into pursuing some of my passions!

I’m happy to return the favor, of course. Please feel free to link up your own blog, website, or social media pages in the comments so I can subscribe, follow, like, and support you right back. =]

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