No Words

Hey. So I haven’t posted the last two weeks, mostly because I’ve been busy and also because I haven’t had much to say. But I just wanted to post something about the tragedy that our nation has been dealing with the last few days. Part of me thought that I shouldn’t say anything. I mean, what can I say? There are no words to explain the sadness, the despair,  the disgust, the fury, or the bewilderment that I feel when I think about what happened. There are no words that I can offer to bring comfort or healing or even distraction to others. There are no words to say at all, really. But I felt that anything, even just a short post filled with words that are not helpful at all, would be better than trying to ignore it.

So here it is.

I offer my deepest condolences to the victims of this unspeakable crime. These families are in my prayers. As our country and our world falls apart, my only hope is to draw closer to God and to try harder to love others every day.



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