Jesus is in the House

Hello readers! I just wanted to share an update about our living situation. In my last post, I wrote that we were waiting to find out whether we were approved for a lease on a house that we really liked. Well thank Jesus, because we were approved on Monday and moved in on Saturday! It was a crazy week, but also very exciting. The house is perfect for us and we are thrilled to be living in it now. God is so good! He is doing a lot of amazing things in our lives right now, and honestly my biggest struggle at the moment is believing that he still wants to give me so much more. It sometimes seems impossible that all of this would fall into place at once, but for God I know this is just a drop in the bucket. He has so much that he wants to give his children. I hope that you can start grabbing ahold of that today. Jesus loves you and wants to fill your life with goodness! I know, because he’s doing it for me right now.


  1. Hi,
    Finally I’m getting a chance to blog with you! I’m supposed to be retired, but as some say I’m only retreaded. Life doesn’t slow down. I’d like to share how God has grown patience in us. We needed to sell our home in an adult, 5 star senior manufactured home park as it was too expensive for us to continue living there. We needed to mover here where we are now. We tried to sell it for 3 1/2 years. Our savings diminished to almost nothing, and we were wondering what God had in His plan and why He was waiting so long! However, we decided to trust Him and claimed the promise in Phill. 4:19. While we waited to sell, Tom got pneumonia and pleurisy, his right lung collapsed stuck tight to itself, and he was not expected to live. but we asked our minister and Tom’s nephew, who was our church’s head elder to come anoint him according to the directions in James 5:14 before he went to surgery. The doctors were able to re-inflate his lung and God saw fit to restore him to health. I had perfect peace during that crisis because we had placed him in God’s hands for Him to decide Tom’s future. Also we had a wonderful real estate agent with whom we could pray and share God’s love. If we had moved sooner the VA hospital would be 2 hours away whereas where we were then it was only 40 minutes away. Tom will be 91 in Sept. He still plays the organ for church. His vision is 20/20 with glasses, his reactions are quick, and he stills drives our car! All we can do is praise our wonderful Savior!
    Keep posting! We love it.
    Betty and Tom,

  2. Hi Heather,
    We’re thrilled with your posts! We can verify that we can’t grow the fruit of the Spirit. God does that for us! Phil. 4:19 has been a well-worn promise we have claimed many times! God always keeps his promises!! As we believe him and trust him, he grows our patience and self-control over fear of not getting our desire/needs fulfilled.! Keep posting!
    Betty and Tom

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