Happy 11 Months Birthday, Cody!

Well, it’s official. This is Cody’s last month as an under-one-year-old. Is that a thing? Maybe not, but I just made it up, so it is now.  =P

This month, Cody has been developing his personality more and more. He’s become very silly, and even more affectionate, curious, and strong-willed. He’s always making me laugh with his antics, and sometimes he’s so cute I just want to dissolve into a puddle and call it a day. It’s also definitely time to start some gentle, positive discipline for him, because he’s quite the mischief-maker and he already likes to test the limits! We’re working on being gentle (he thinks it’s funny to hit me with his toys) and not getting into the dog food and water bowls. He clearly knows what it means when I say “no,” and surprisingly, he can be very good at obeying sometimes. Other times, he ignores me and throws a fit when I step in to enforce the rules. So far, his behavior is nothing too difficult to handle, so that’s a good thing. He’s also generally pretty well behaved in public, although honestly at this age, there isn’t really any such thing as “misbehaving”; he’s still a baby, after all. But I haven’t experienced any tantrums in public or anything like that yet, so that’s nice. =]

Cody’s walking like a pro now, and he’s able to get up from sitting on his own as well as bend down to pick things up while walking, turn around easily, and step over things. He seems much happier in general now that he can get around by himself, but he also gets bored more quickly now. The house must seem a lot smaller now that he can walk from one end to the other in under a minute!

He’s starting to seem more interested in talking now. He signed his first sign, “milk,” a couple of weeks ago but hasn’t done it again after the first few times. We’re signing more and more to him now that we know he’s ready to pick it up. He also says the word “ba,” which to him means “ball,” his favorite toy. He doesn’t say “dada” very often for some reason, though sometimes he will say “baba” instead, and he still says “mama” usually only when he’s crying and wants me. He studies our mouths when we say words even more now, though, and it’s obvious that he understands a lot of what we say even if he can’t repeat it.

He does a lot of silly, cute things these days. He’s become very interested in pointing at things. He still loves music and likes to dance, and now he has a few more moves including the head shake, the arm flail, and the stomp. We like to play baby hide and seek with him, where we hide around the corner and call to him until he finds us. He always has the biggest smile on his face when he sees us. He also knows how to clap his hands now, which he thinks is very exciting. In general, he likes to mimic actions that we do, and he’s learning a lot through imitation. One thing he does which I find funny is dropping his toys over the baby gates, as if by doing so he will be allowed to go on the other side to retrieve it. So far, it hasn’t worked out in his favor. =J Although I will admit, we frequently end up playing fetch for him.

Although Cody is still almost exclusively breastfed, we do offer him tastes of whatever food we’re eating most of the time, and occasionally he will try it. So far, he has really enjoyed my homemade chocolate yogurt, and fruit popsicles. That’s about it, for now, but I’m sure he’ll start eating more in the months to come. As far as drinking goes, he can drink from a sippy cup, as well as from a regular cup with help. Usually he just drinks water, though not much since my milk provides pretty much all of the hydration he needs. I’ve also let him try a few sips of juice.

His sleep is better in some ways, but not much improved in other ways. He doesn’t fight me over his naps anymore, and he’s been napping really well lately. He also goes to bed fairly easily, but still wakes up a lot at night to nurse. Sometimes, especially in the past week or so, he will literally nurse all night long and only wake up to switch sides. It’s not as restful as I would like my night’s sleep to be, but it’s not the worst thing in the world either. I know it will pass soon, anyway.

That’s pretty much everything for the past month. I know his birthday is going to be here in a flash, and as crazy and depressing as it is to see him growing up so fast, I’m also excited. There are many fun things ahead for us!

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